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The Case For Thursday

Good Friday Didn't Seem So Good


Bible Inferences

Conspiracy Is Natural

There's a War Coming!

73, K5YPV

Climate Change Liars Hall Of Fame

Necessary Evil

Daylight Savings Time

The Case For Thursday
The real meaning of Good Friday

12/ 1/23
What Week Are We In?
There are 70 of 'em. Where are we now?

12/ 1/23
What Was Your Best Day?
You can have it permanently, if you want...

12/ 1/23
What Happened Before All That Water?
The world's biggest rainstorm!

12/ 1/23
What Did The Apostle John See At The Tomb?
There's more to it than you realized!

12/ 1/23
The Shortest Verse Has Huge Lessons
It's amazing how much just two words can say

12/ 1/23
The Bible Tells Us How Big The Earth Really Is
The information is there - you just have to look..

12/ 1/23
She May Have Been More Influential Than We Know
Just ask Nehemiah

12/ 1/23
Jesus In The Old Testament
'Christophony' is the term

12/ 1/23
In The Beginning Of What?
The "what" in Genesis 1:1

12/ 1/23
How Many Antichrists?
There's always one in the wings....

12/ 1/23
How Can People Be Saved During The Tribulation?
God has a plan...

12/ 1/23
His Love For Us Is Deeper Than You Realize!
He knew what we would do from the start

12/ 1/23
Are We The Apostate Church?
Is the age of Laodicea upon us?

Bible Inferences
Some interesting things found in the Bible

Heaven, Hell, and Paradise
There is a difference between Heaven and Paradise!

I Know That Guy!!
Was it like looking in a mirror?

Will We Keep Our Memories In Heaven?
The mind is a terrible thing to waste

Will There Be Non-Believers In Heaven?
God has His standards!

Do Animals Go To Heaven?
Wanna see your pal again?

Why Would God Create Humans?
He went to an awful lot of trouble

A Thanks to those who guaranteed our freedom

9/ 1/11
Our Lives, Our Fortunes, Our Sacred Honor
56 Men who changed the world

Dear Hollywood:
A Letter to our deluded friends out West


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